Accent Walls: Picking the Right Colors

An accent wall is a wall or section of a wall that is painted in a different color than from rest of the room. It makes a great style statement, and is often used to create a highlight or local point like a fireplace wall. While accents walls can be done is distinctive colors shades, they are generally used to provide a decorative element without jarring the overall flow of style. Thus, when you are planning to paint an accent wall, the choice of color is critical.

Choosing the Right Accent Color 

Accent walls are usually painted in a deeper shade than the other walls in the room. Using dark accents with light walls around it helps to maximize a dramatic effect or highlight a focal point. For the best results, use an accent shade that is at least 2 to 3 shades darker than the nearby walls. If your room is oblong in shape, using very dark accent colors on the short wall helps to make the room appear symmetrical.

An accent wall can be used to establish a focal point in your room. For this, the accent wall is used as a background for a chosen object. If you want to make a sculpture the focal point of your room, place it against a wall with varying accent colors that complement the sculpture.

One way of adding a hint of symmetry to accent walls is choosing a darker shade of a color that is minimally present in the existing decors. You could use the color of things that occupy the room like the table top or throw pillows. However, resist from using a color that is very dominant in the interior space like that of the carpet flooring. This will dampen the impact created by the accent wall.