How to Install a Stained Glass Light Fixture

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What You'll Need
Ceiling mounted stained glass light fixture
Phillips and flathead screwdrivers
Keyhole or drywall saw
12x2-inch electrical wiring
Cut-in ceiling electrical box
Cut-in wall electrical box
Side cutting pliers
Wire nuts
1.5-inch paddle bit
Stud finder
Light switch

A stained glass light fixture is a great addition to your bathroom because it will illuminate in a way that adds a colorful, old style feel.

Step 1 - Turn of Power

Turn off power to the room where you will be working at the circuit breaker. If the receptacle you will be tying into is in a different room, then cut power to this room as well.

Step 2 - Select the Locations

Find a location in the ceiling and wall where you want your stained glass light fixture to be installed. Try to place the light switch directly above a receptacle in order to reduce the work necessary to supply power. Use a stud finder to verify that the locations where you will be installing your light and switch does not contain a stud. If both location contain a stud, then offset these locations accordingly.

Step 3 - Make the Cuts

Place the cut-in boxes in the locations where you will be installing the light and the switch. Use your pencil to trace around the boxes. Use your drywall saw to cut the drywall in both of these locations.

Step 4 - Drill the Hole

In the attic, use your drill and a paddle bit to drill a hole in the top stud of the wall within the same stud bay as you are installing the switch. If you do not have a receptacle in the same stud bay, then you also need to drill a hole in the stud bay where the nearest receptacle is located.

Step 5 - Run the Wire

Run your 12x2-inch electrical wire from the location where the light will be installed to the hole which you have cut for the switch. Then run a wire from the hole for the switch to the nearest receptacle.

Step 6 - Install the Cut-In Boxes

Tighten the screws on each of the cut-in boxes until the flaps on either side swing out and tighten down to the drywall. When it is fully tightened, the boxes should be securely mounted to the drywall.

Step 7 - Wire the Switch

Connect the black wire to the copper screw, the white wire to the silver screw, and the solid copper wire to the green ground screw. Connect this wire at the switch to the constant hot side of the switch using the black as hot, white as neutral and the copper as ground. Then connect the wire which runs from the switch to the light fixture.

Step 8 - Install the Bracket

Install the bracket to the electrical cut-in box. Use the screws which were supplied with the ceiling mount to secure it.

Step 9 - Wire the Stained Glass Light Fixture and Install the Light

Connect the wires supplied for the light by twisting the lights wires around the wires which run to the light switch. Use your side cutting pliers to securely twist these wires together. Wire nut each of the wires together. Slide the light through the ceiling mounting bracket, followed by the washer, and finally the nut. Hand tighten the nut until it is secure.

Step 9 - Install the Stained Glass Cover

Slide the stained glass cover over the light and tighten the bottom nut. Hand tighten it until the glass cover is fully secure.

Step 10 - Testing

Turn the power back on and test your new light.