Accenting Your Garden with a Garden Obelisk

Add an obelisk to your garden and transform your landscape almost instantly. Obelisks are traditionally tall, slim 4-sided stone or concrete structures with a pyramid or column shape. They come in a variety of forms and materials, including concrete, stone, metal and wood, or they can be carved out of wood or cast in metal.

Obelisks can be decorative sculptural forms, or form the foundation for vines and other plants in a form of vertical garden. Trellis obelisks, with open sides, may be formal and elegant or informal and rustic. The height can be as short as a few feet to a towering structure 12 or 15 feet high. Just position a pot or planter inside or near the base of the structure so the plants will grow up the sides.

There are 2 basic forms of obelisk: the traditional pyramid and the elegant Pagoda styling. Check a local home and garden center or online to find the the perfect type of obelisk for your garden, or even buiild your own.

Uses for an Obelisk

  • Mark the beginning of a path
  • Set off the center of a formal vegetable garden
  • Frame a stairway
  • Set off the corners of terrace
  • Mark the location of a garden bench or gate