Accenting Your Home with a Roof Dormer

What You'll Need
Roofing materials
Skill saw
Roofing square
2x4 lumber
Vinyl siding
Drywall mud and tape
Drywall screws
Framing nail
Framing hammer
2x6 lumber
3/4 inch plywood

A roof dormer is much more than just a beautiful accent to your home. There is also a function to roof dormers that make them appealing to home owners. Roof dormers can be an inexpensive way to add more head room to your upper floor without having to build an entire second floor or raising the roof. Adding a roof dormer to your existing structure will add to the overall value of your home, and can be done with some basic tools and experience.

Take Measurements and Locate

Begin by locating where you want the roof dormer to be installed. This is usually at a current window, but does not have to be. Take measurements and begin to remove the roofing materials so you can see the nail heads of the sheathing.

Start Building Dormer

Beginning with the front wall, start framing with 2x4 standard framing techniques. You will have to angle the 2x4's at the bottom to compensate for the roof slope. Using your roofing square you can quickly determine the angle for your cuts. Using your skill saw, or a mitre saw, make the cuts and begin framing in the dormer. Take great care with the front wall. This is going to be the measuring point for the other two wall so it must be level and straight.

Frame in Window and Header

While framing in the front dormer wall, frame in the window with a header board at the top. Make sure the opening is level and that it is straight.

Install Top Plate and Side Walls

Place a top plate from the roof to the top of the front wall and then begin framing in the side walls. Pay attention to beveling the bottom of the frame to compensate for the roof's slope. Place roofing felt and metal flashing to the bottom of the frame and nail to the roof

Dormer Roof Rafters

Connect the top plate to the side walls with rafters. Using your skill saw and roofing square, cut the 2x6 rafters and nail in place.

Wall Sheathing and Wrap

Nail the 3/4 inch plywood sheathing to the frame and roof, and wrap in home wrap. Finish off the dormer roof with roofing felt and matching shingles to the rest of the house.

Cut Out Roof Section

Using a reciprocating saw, carefully cut out the roof section that will open the dormer to the rest of the room.

Finish off Inside Walls

Install insulation and vapor barrier to the walls and then drywall. Apply the drywall mud and tape over seams and screw holes and sand smooth. Once clean of any dust, paint the walls your desired color.

Side the Outside Walls

Once all is finished inside, then you can finish off you new roof dormer by adding the vinyl siding to the outside walls.