Acid Staining Concrete Countertops: Mistakes to Avoid

When acid staining concrete countertops, a few costly mistakes can make the difference between a great completed job or a horrible job. There are many different types of acid staining compounds available for use, and they each have specific application procedures that need to be followed, but there are some standard mistakes that can be avoided if they are understood.


As with any basic type of project that requires a new surface to be applied, preparation is the most important step. Many people think that this step can be skipped over, but if the preparation is not done correctly, the acid stain will not produce the desired affects. First, the entire countertop has to be repaired, if needed, and then cleaned spotless.

Also be sure to take your time when taping. The edges need to be straight and level with all of the edges, otherwise you may have some undesirable side effects when it is peeled off.

Applying the Acid Stain

When applying the acid stain on concrete countertops never let it form into pools. Pools will cause either a light spot in the countertop, or a section that does not appear to be stained at all. Take your time, and apply a section at a time, making sure to get all the edges and surfaces that need to be stained. If you slow down, puddles will not form, and the surface will be coated more uniformly than it would be if you tried to rush through the project.