Add a Bamboo Fence over an Existing Fence

Bamboo fence with ivy hanging down
  • 2-5 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 100-1,000
What You'll Need
Bamboo roll
Pin nosed pliers
Galvanized wire or staples and staple gun
A-frame ladder
Tape measure
Notepad and pen

Adding a bamboo fence to an existing railing can be a quick and easy way to increase privacy. Smarten up a tattered, outdated fence by adding bamboo with a few simple steps.

Step 1 - Measure Border

Stretch a tape measure along the entire length of the existing fence that you want to cover up. Note down the measurement so that you can get the correct amount of bamboo fence when you make a purchase. Also, make a note of the height of the existing fence and determine what height of bamboo fence you desire.

Though bamboo is lightweight, it is still worth taking the opportunity to examine the existing fence to ensure it is secure.

Step 2 - Type of Fencing

bamboo growing

The easiest way to add a bamboo fence to an existing fence is to secure a roll of bamboo to it rather than using panels, although these can also be used. Bamboo fence panels are widely available through home improvement stores. Do not forget to take into account the several inches of clearance that will be required between the ground and the bottom of the fence when deciding which height you want.

Step 3 - Position Fencing

sticks of dry bamboo

This step is when an extra pair of helping hands will come in handy. Position the ladder at one end of the existing fence and climb up the ladder while someone else helps you lift the bamboo fence into place. Once you are satisfied with the height (the fence should be several inches clear of the ground), ask your assistance to hold it in place as you begin the process of securing the bamboo.

Step 4 - Begin Fastening

When adding a bamboo fence to an existing chain link fence, use 12-inch galvanized wire at three evenly spaced intervals on the base of a six-foot high fence. Pull the wire between both fences with a pair of pliers and twist them together to secure, bending it backwards on itself to prevent a risk of snagging. Unfurl the bamboo roll against the existing fence and continue to secure it with wire approximately every four feet. This same process can be used when adding panels to a chain link fence.

When fastening panels or a bamboo roll to a board fence, use a heavy-duty staple gun to attach them to the existing fence.

Step 5 - Continue

In accordance with the length of the roll and the existing fence, continue to fit the bamboo roll until it runs out or cut it to fit. Where another roll is required, secure the end of the roll as you did at the beginning before starting the new bamboo roll directly against the previous one. Bamboo rolls tend to be held together with wire, and this will need to be cut so that it fits the fence. Use as many bamboo panels as required. Finish the process by securing the end with wire.