Add a Cord to Bamboo Blinds

What You'll Need
A drill
2 pieces of wood that are roughly 1/8 inch thick and roughly 1/8 inch smaller than the slats
Pull cords that are roughly four feet longer than your blinds
2, 1/2 inch eyelets
2 mounting eyelets
8, 1/2 inch metal rings

Adding pull cords to your bamboo blinds can be a relatively easy task; provided, of course, you're armed with a thorough set of instructions and the right set of tools. So if you've been wanting to add a cord to your home's bamboo blinds, read on to learn everything you'll need to know.

Step 1 - Drill Your Holes and Insert Your Pulleys

Use your drill to produce 2 holes in the centers of your wood pieces. These holes will serve as mounting points for your pulleys. Place your slats between the wood pieces and insert your rivets. This will enable you to attach your bamboo slats, after which you may attach your pulleys. Make sure your pulleys are kept about 4 inches apart from the edge of the head rails. Keep in mind that your pull cords are liable to be improperly balanced if there isn't a sufficient amount of space between your pulleys and head rails.

Step 2 -  Attach Your Metal Rings

Now that your holes are drilled and your pulleys have been attached, it's time to tackle the metal rings. Carefully attach the rings to the cords around your slats in an upward fashion. This process is similar to adding a key chain to a key rings. Take care to place the metal rings across from one another and make sure to line them up with your pulleys. Once you've confirmed that the metal rings have been properly spaced out, you may move on to the next step.

Step 3 - Begin Installing Your Pull Cords

Having attached your metal rings, it is now safe to begin installing your new pull cords. Start by placing the cords through the metal rings. Use your rope to firmly tie the bottom metal ring in place, as it will act as the load bearing ring whenever your bamboo blinds are rolled up. If not properly secured, the bottom ring will give out under the weight of your blinds, ultimately causing them to come crashing down.

Step 4 - Install Your Eyelets

Now that your new pull cords are properly in place, secure your eyelets at the very top of your bamboo blinds, then run your cords through your pulleys. The cords should now be positioned between the pulley wheels and stoppers Now, having confirmed that everything is securely in its proper place, attach your mounting eyelets. Give your newly modified blinds one final check before hanging them up.