Add a Glass Bookshelf Door

What You'll Need
Wood for the frame
Glass slabs
Measuring tape
Framing square

Be it a built-in book shelf or a standard one, a glass bookshelf door makes the unit stand out. Not only does it looks good, but is high in functionality. By having an enclosure you can prevent dust from settling on your books and other areas in the shelf. Also, with a glass door we can see what is inside without having to open the doors all the time. It’s a great way to exhibit your book collection. Adding a glass bookshelf door is a relatively easy process and does not require any complex materials. Here's what you need to do to add a glass bookshelf door.


Step 1 – Measurement

Measure your bookshelf to ascertain the length and width of the bookshelf doors that needs to be installed.

Step 2 – Buy the Wood

Buy the wood, which will act as the panel for the glass bookshelf door based on the measurement above.

Step 3 – Making a Recess

Introduce a recess or an indentation on the wood that you purchased. Make sure that the recess is 1x4 inches in depth. The width should be 1x8 to 1x4 inches.


Place the saw at the height of 1/4 inch while cutting the wooden frame.

Step 4 - Measurement for the Glass Doors

In order to ascertain the measurement of the glass door, find the center point of your bookshelf. From this point measure left and right to the end of the bookshelf to get the exact measurement.

Step 5 – Buying the Glass Doors

Have the glass cut for you according to your measurements. Remember to add a half inch to all sides while taking the measurement for the glass.

Step 6 – 45 Degree Cuts

Make cuts at 45 degree angles at the width, on the top, and the bottom of the wood. Diagonal cuts should face inwards. This action has to be performed on both the doors.

Step 7 – The Grooves

The glass has to fit into the grooves. The glass should protrude 1/4 inch from the 45 degree cut's inner angles.

Step 8 – Cut the Board

Cut the vertical boards the same way you cut the piece, at the top and bottom.

Step 9 – Gluing

The wood will now surround the glass. Use glue and nail the wooden frames together. Let it rest for an entire day.

Step 10 – Check

All corners of the frame should be accurately flushed and squared. Confirm this with the framing square.

Step 11 – Mounting Hinges

Mount the hinges on your bookshelf door. The hinges should be placed at two inches from the top, as well as the bottom. Fix the bookshelf doors.