Add a Laptop Table to Your Kneeling Chair

Pairing a kneeling chair with a portable laptop desk is just one easy way you can improve the ergonomics and style of your workspace. If you suffer from back pain, a kneeling chair may be just the thing to take unneeded pressure off your knees and back and let you get some productive work done. A small and functional laptop desk lets you work anywhere and adjust your workspace to your changing needs based on the task at hand.

What is a Laptop Table?
A laptop table is generally rather small and features one to two areas to place items. The larger main area is for the laptop and usually is adjustable so that you can place your laptop at level height or tilted towards you, depending on your personal preference. Most laptop tables also feature an additional area that is suitable to hold pens, a beverage, notebook, or whatever other small items you will need on your desk. Depending on your model of kneeling chair, there are also several laptops desks that attach directly to your chair, making it even more compact and functional, especially for tight rooms.

Advantages to a Laptop Table
Anyone who does a lot of work on a laptop knows that like with a desktop computer, if you are not ergonomically aligned your body will suffer. A laptop table allows you to work on your computer in a position that will keep your back in line and allow you comfort while working. Though the name laptop would have you believe you can use a laptop right on your lap, the truth is that using a laptop without the correct table can leave you in a lot of pain, as well as be quite hot on your lap without the proper protection.

When using a laptop table with a kneeling chair, you get a double benefit. The kneeling chair takes the pressure off your back and aligns you well to sit for periods of time without stressing your body. You can slide your keeling chair right up to the laptop table and adjust the height so that your arms are at a level that feels comfortable. The fact that both the chair and desk are mobile makes it really easy to get comfortable and be more productive working with less pain and pressure. If you decide to go with a connected model, you save even more space, as this setup is quite a bit more compact than having both pieces.

Along with just feeling better, a laptop table is a great peice of furniture for a cramped office space or converted work/live space. Because it is portable, it can easily be moved anywhere necessary, as well as easily be put away in a closet or corner to add space to the exisiting room.

A laptop table and kneeling chair is an excellent idea for someone who suffers from a lot of back pain, yet has to sit at their computer for long periods of time. With this kind of workspace, they will most likely have decreased pain over time and have a functional and stylish workspace they enjoy.