Add a New Lock for Increased Window Security

FBI crime statistics show that home burglaries have been on the rise the past couple of years, so window security is an important part of securing your home. There are a number of different types of security locks for windows. This article will describe the steps required for installing locks in 2 kinds of windows: wood framed windows and aluminum framed windows.

Wooden Frame Windows

Most of the items sold as wooden frame window locks come with everything you need to properly install the lock, except a drill. Here are the installation steps.

1. Locate where you wish to install the lock pins.

2. Open the window to the desired opening.

3. Mark and drill the location for the lock pin/screw. The hole must go through both the window and the frame.

4. Place a cover ring around the lock pin/screw and insert in the hole just drilled.

5. Using the supplied tool, tighten the screw/pin until it comes to rest against the window frame.

6. Put the tool somewhere safe for future use.

Frame Clamp Type Aluminum Window

This type of lock is the easiest to install.

1. Place the clamp over the lip of the frame where you want the window to stop as its being opened.

2. Tighten the wing nut screw to the window frame.

Through Frame Pin Type Aluminum Window

This is the second easiest to install. It will come with a pin and a bracket. Usually the pin is secured to the bracket by a short length of small chain so it isn’t lost. You’ll need a drill with a ¼ inch bit and a screwdriver.

1. Locate the bracket so the window only opens as much as you want it to. Three inches is usually best. Mark the window frame through the bracket.

2. Drill the frame out using the ¼ inch drill bit.

3. Screw the bracket to the window ledge and insert the pin through the bracket and the hole you just drilled.

There are also versions of this lock that use a key to lock and unlock the window.

Lock Bar Type Aluminum Window

The required tools for this installation are a level, a drill and a screwdriver bit. A small, 1/8 inch drill bit and a manual screwdriver will work.

1. Measure up from the bottom of the frame approximately halfway up. Hold the rod mount against the stationary portion of the frame and mark the three or four screw holes. Secure the mount by screwing the supplied self-drilling screws into the frame through the mount.

2. Place the level on the rod and lower it into place against the moving portion of the window and level it.

3. Place the pocket or latch on the frame and mark where the screws go. Let go of the rod.

4. Screw the pocket to the window frame with the supplied screws.

Your home's security is important to avoid burglaries. Other important factors of home security are proper lighting, secure doors, and even home alarm systems. If you take each step, one by one, making your home more secure can be easy.