Add A New Sprinkler System

With a bit of planning and some assistance, you can add a new sprinkler system to your home in a matter of a weekend.


Decide where you want to install the sprinkler system and lay the pipes. Depending on the size and contents of your yard, you may want to consider setting up several different zones for watering, like for flower beds, types of plants or separate areas.

Purchase enough pipe, sprinkler heads and a zone controller that will meet your needs for the entire sprinkler system.

Step 1

You will need a manifold to hold the valves for the different zones in your new sprinkler system. The manifold can be placed above-ground or be buried underground with the control valves exposed above the ground. The water supply is connected to the manifold, which routes the water to the correct control valve.

Step 2

Dig V-shaped trenches for the pipe. These trenches should be a minimum of 8 inches in depth. Make sure the lines are straight, and use a level to make sure the pipes are laid level.

If you need to dig a line underneath a sidewalk, attach a piece of galvanized pipe to a water hose and turn on the water, washing away the soil. Put duct tape over the end of a piece of PVC pipe and run it under the sidewalk. Remove the tape once the pipe is in place.

Step 3

Attach the water supply line by attaching a t-connection near the main water supply line before it enters the house. Also install an emergency shut off valve.

Step 4

Run the pipe to the manifold box. When the pipe connection is dry, turn on the water to clear the system.

Step 5

Install anti-siphon valves with the control valves to stop dirty water from going into the house water.

Step 6

Begin laying pipe in the trenches and connecting it. Temporarily attach the risers. Use a carpenter square to ensure that the risers are installed at a 90-degree angle to the ground.

Step 7

Permanently install the risers. Carefully attach the sprinklers.

Step 8

Install the electronic controller. Place it in the garage or in a convenient location. Test each zone connection to make sure everything is running correctly. Set the sprinkler run time and days.

Step 9

Refill the trenches and compact the soil. Thoroughly water the trenches to make sure that the dirt is well compacted. Add turf to cover the trenches.


Adding a new sprinkler system can be weekend project that can be completed with the help of a few friends to dig and lay pipes. A new sprinkler system can make watering your yard easy and simple and keep your plants and flowers colorful and healthy.