Add Decorative Elements to Your Dog House

If you think your current dog house needs some revamping, here are some ideas to make it more livable for your favorite pet. Though your dog may not notice the care and consideration you put into decorating his home, it is nice to have a dog house that suits your yard and style.

Dog House Painting

One of the easiest ways to jazz up your dog's home is to give it a fresh coat of paint before remodeling. Most dog houses are painted in very neutral colors. However, if you like something a bit more lively, consider painting a dull gray doghouse into a bright red one. Or you could even play on a Southwestern theme with a variety of red, orange and yellow colors used throughout. Bright colors will certainly liven things up and you can find plenty of ideas in a home decorating magazine for different color schemes for the walls and roof.

Dog House Decorating

A great idea for spicing up the entrance of your dog's house is to add some faux design elements like wooden paw prints, dog bones, hearts or anything else you like to the border of the door. Purchase wooden shapes at your local craft store or make your own and decorate them with waterproof markers. They can be applied to the dog house using a weatherproof wood glue or with small nails.

Dog House Personalization

If you want to do some more painting to decorate your dog's house, stenciling can be a great way to add a decorative element. Personalize your dog's home by stenciling his name above the door or even stencil a pattern on the interior or exterior walls. Stencils are available at both craft and paint stores. If you don't want to paint a stencil, another alternative is to purchase wood letters spelling your dog's name to personalize the home.

Dog House Remodeling

If you have done all the smaller improvements and still want something more, consider making a faux window on your dog's house. This nice design element will add to the decor of your dog's home and will not take a lot of time or skill. Depending on your dog house size, you will need to create a proportionally sized window on the side of the house using wood scraps and old shutters. Create a window by making a square out of 2x1s and attach shutters on each side. Paint the windows and shutters a contrasting color to the main wall color to really make them pop out.

Making your dog house more hospitable for you dog and more suited for your home's decor is a great project to tackle on a lazy weekend afternoon. Though your dog may not thank you with words, you can be assured that he will be nice and cozy in his newly remodeled and customized home redesigned with care by you.