Adding a Ceiling Fan to a Concrete Ceiling

So you want to install your ceiling fan on a concrete but you don’t know how? Ceiling fans make great additions to concrete ceilings. Aside from the comfort and relaxing ambiance it completes, a ceiling fan also contributes to the aesthetic appeal of the ceiling. However, adding a ceiling fan to your concrete ceiling can be a little difficult and tedious because of the special fasteners required in the installation process. Do take note that these special concrete fasteners are sold separately from your ceiling fan thus you have to buy it from the hardware. See to it that your choices of concrete anchors must be compatible with your ceiling fan’s mounting bracket.

Prepare the Concrete Ceiling

Choose the location where you want the ceiling fan to be. Use the ladder to assist you in attaching your ceiling fan to its location. Situate your ceiling fan’s mounting bracket adjacent to its location in the concrete ceiling. Make sure that you put it at the center of the location.

Use the pencil to mark the holes of the ceiling fan’s mounting bracket onto the concrete ceiling. This will guide you where to drill the holes later on.

Prepare the Drilling Equipment

To protect your eyes when drilling, use the safety glasses. With the mounting bracket aside, take some time to read the instruction manual for installing the specialized concrete anchors. Determine the size of the drill hole and its depth needed before you do the drilling.

Make sure that the masonry bit is sized according to the type of concrete anchors you have. Also set the depth of the drill’s gauge according to depth needed to fit the type of your concrete anchor.

Do the Drilling of Holes on the Concrete Ceiling

With the pencil marks as your guide, start drilling holes for the concrete anchors into the ceiling. Make sure that to stop drilling once the depth gauge of the hammer drill links to the surface of the concrete’s ceiling.

Attached the Concrete Anchors and the Ceiling Fan

Fit the concrete anchors/special concrete fasteners unto the drill holes following the instructions from the manual. Now, set the ceiling fan mounting bracket onto the drilled concrete ceiling with the installed concrete anchors supporting it.

Lastly, install the ceiling fan to the mounting bracket (which is now attached to the concrete ceiling). Refer to the instruction manual of the ceiling fan on how to attach the fan to the mounting bracket.

Voila! You have successfully attached your ceiling fan to your concrete ceiling by yourself. In case you do not know how use the drilling equipment, please inquire or seek aide from those who are more knowledgeable in using it. Also please be aware to recheck your measurements and the location you want the ceiling fan to be because it’s difficult to move the screws.