Adding a Glass Panel to Your Cabinet

A cabinet piece can be enhanced through the addition of a glass panel. Whether real glass or plexiglass, its installation in a cabinet changes the look of your kitchen. This project requires some patience and a little skill with a reciprocating saw but the results will give your kitchen a much needed make-over.

You can stagger the cabinet pattern by installing glass in every other cabinet panel. What ever your style choice, this is a project that can appeal to your creative nature.

Preparing the Cabinets

You will need to remove all doors from the cabinet front in order to decide where to place the glass. Once this has been determined, you can use a paper and pen and create a template for each of the panel doors that will have glass added.

Attach the Glass

A reciprocating saw is used to cut the pattern that you have traced in each of the cabinet doors. Place the glass behind the cabinet door front and attach it to the hole by screwing a clip onto both sides of the glass. It may be advisable to screw one more clip at the top to further secure the glass.

Reattach the cabinet doors to the cabinet and the project is complete.