Adding a Glider Rocking Chair To Your Living Area

Many people grew up with the comfort of a rocking chair and have chosen to have a glider rocking chair in their own home. These modern rocking chairs come in different shapes, sizes and colors. Instead of the traditional curved base, a glider sits flat on the floor. This makes it less likely for a child to push to far back, tilt the chair, and fall. The flat base does nothing to lessen the rocking sensation, however, so they are just as fun to rock as a traditional chair. There are gliders made for infants, others for young children and still others for adults. Nearly every room in your house can benefit from having a glider in it.


A rocking chair is a good addition to a room equipped for a young child or infant. For generations rocking chairs have been used to sooth infants. The rocking motion of the chair is comforting, as is the closeness between child and adult. As children grow, there are child-sized chairs they can use. These chairs give the child a comfortable space to read, play or just rock.


Many families have rooms meant just for play. A rocking chair can easily become part of a larger game and is a comfortable place for an adult to keep an eye on things.

Living Room

The living room is often the first room visitors see and may be used for visits, playing games and relaxing. A glider rocking chair with a footrest is a great place to kick back and put your feet up.


You don’t often find a rocking chair in a kitchen. They are, however, a nice place to rest as you wait for food to cook. It is also a good place to just sit and watch another person in control of the kitchen.

Chair Styles

Once you decide where you want your chair, you need to decide what style you want. Do you want a large chair that is not easily moved or do you want one that can be easily moved from one room to another? Do you want extra cushions or do you want a plain chair, without the frills. Another thing to consider is armrests. Some people prefer not to have armrests, as they can impede activities done in the chair, like knitting. Others like the armrests because of the added support while holding a child. This is also the time to consider if you want a footrest. While footrests can act as another chair or add to the rocker’s overall comforts, it may crowd the room. The final issue you need to consider is color. The chair should pull the colors in the room together, making it more complete

After all these factors have been considered it is time to get your chair. What ever you decide to do, the chair will soon become an integral part of your household.