Adding A Pull To A Desk Drawer

We all open and close desk drawers so many times every day, without paying much attention to the little fixtures that make drawers so functional. Without the pull or knob on the front of the drawer, accessing things inside would be awkward, to say the least. Nowadays, there are endless varieties and styles of drawer pulls available.

If you are installing new furniture, or repairing an old desk drawer, you may find yourself looking to buy a new drawer pull. You can add a drawer pull in as little as 5 minutes, and still end up transforming the look of your desk. There are a few things you may want to consider before buying your new drawer pull.

Room Décor

If the look and feel of your room is modern, stick with the same look when buying a drawer pull, so that it does not clash with the rest of the furniture. Similarly, if you have mostly antique furniture, look for similar pulls to install.

Type of Pull

Most pulls are like solid handles on the exterior of a desk drawer. There are some types of pulls that hang between the posts, and are sometimes called "drop pulls." Another popular choice for drawer pulls is the "cup pull" that looks like an upturned half of a cup.


Some drawer pulls can be installed with a back-plate. A back-plate is a metal plate that you can affix to the wood before you install the drawer pull. If your desk drawer is old or has holes around the center that you want to hide, this is a great option. It also provides added protection for the wood. You can also use back-plates to improve the look of your desk. Like drawer pulls, the back-plates are also available in a wide variety of styles.

Size and Weight of the Drawer

You must buy the drawer pull keeping in mind the size and weight of the drawer. This is important, from the functional as well as the visual perspective. If you install a small pull on a large drawer, it will look unsightly, just as a large pull on a small drawer. If your drawers are light, you can install a light drawer pull. But if your drawer or the contents in it get heavy, the pull may break, or worse, damage the furniture. This is especially true if you do not install a back-plate.

After you’ve picked out the perfect drawer pull, you can install it easily. Remember to consider the thickness of the drawer front when you buy the screws. The screws should go all the way to the back of the wood. Determine the center of the drawer front, and mark it with a pencil. Place the pull over the drawer, centering it over the mark. Mark the holes for the screws. Use the proper drill bit to drill holes through these two markings. From the back of the drawer, jut the screws out. If you are using a back-plate, place it over the screws. Then, place the pull over the screws. Using a screwdriver, tighten the screws into place from the back of the drawer. Now you are all set to use your desk drawer!