Adding A Solar Fan To Your Garage

A solar fan is a practical and undemanding solution to reduce electricity bills. Solar fans use the energy created by solar cells and are as adept as conventional, electric fans in venting hot air from any room and circulate cooler air. Adding a solar fan in a conventional space like the garage is an easy task.

Things Needed for the Installation 

  • Solar fan installation ensemble, including its panel and wires
  • Standard drilling machine
  • Caulk
  • Ladder to access vents
  • Drywall screws
  • Screwdriver

Installing the Solar Fan 

  • If your garage does not have the traditional gable vent, you will have to drill a hole in the upper extent of the garage wall
  • Position the fan over the hole or the gable vent and screw the entire fan assembly except the panel using drywall screws
  • Locate a spot for the solar panel, as it would need continuous supply of sunlight to remain functional. Most of the garages are in the exterior landscape and thus, the roof should have substantial exposure to the sun
  • Drill a hole in the chosen spot for putting-up the solar panel. The hole should be big enough to accommodate two wires. Try to keep the hole about 1-inch wide. The hole should be under the exact spot that has been allocated to the solar panel
  • Trace the two wires from the fan to the drilled hole
  • Wire the two wires at the rear end of the solar panel
  • Caulk the drilled hole to avoid any water leakage inside the garage
  • Apply the caulk underneath the solar panel that houses the screw holes
  • Screw the solar panel into the chosen spot on the garage roof