Adding a Sprinkler Timer

Adding a sprinkler timer to an existing sprinkler system is an easy process that requires a little bit of planning and some time. A sprinkler timer is very beneficial, however, as it will save a lot of time and money in the long run.

With a sprinkler timer you can set the times you want the sprinklers to work and what time you want them to shut off. This means that in the early morning hours, you can have your lawn watered while you are still in bed. Also, you are saving thousands of gallons of water each year as well as thousands of dollars in savings from your utility bill. Installing a sprinkler timer is a worthwhile investment.

Locate Your Timer

The first step to installing your sprinkler timer is to locate it on the side of your house. The best place would be near the water supply, or near the pump operating the sprinkler system.

•Using the enclosed housing bracket, mark the holes for the bolts.
•Drill the holes with a drill.
•Attach the housing unit.

Connect Wire from Timer to Pump

After you know where the timer is going to be, then you can connect the control valve modules to the corresponding control valves for each zone on the pump. This is there the timer tells which zone to open, and when.

•Dig a small trench.
•Place wire in PVC pipe.
•Connect to control modules on timer and on corresponding valves on pump.
•Bury PVC pipe.

On most models the wires simply snap into the enclosures.

Mount Sprinkler Timer on Housing Unit

Once all the connections are made you can mount the time to the housing unit. You can do this before any connections, but I find making connections with it off a little easier. Plus the unit into an outside outlet and turn the module on.

Set the Timer

Now that everything is connected, you can go ahead an set the timer for when you want the water to turn on and off. This is going to require some research and planning on your part. Find out when you are allowed to water your lawn and work within those parameters. Some towns will limit the time of day you can water, the days you can water, and the duration you can water your lawns for. If you are in area that is especially susceptible to drought, then you might not be allowed to water your lawn at all for a few weeks, or months.

Set the timer, according to the directions for the unit, and test out your timer. Continue to tweak with the settings until the watering is done the way you want it, and the lawn begins showing improvements.

Keep in mind that since the sprinkler timer is outside you should build a small cover or something to keep it out of the weather. This will help preserve the life on your sprinkler timer and help you to continue watering your lawn automatically for a long time to come.