Adding A Table Extension For A Table Saw

What You'll Need
Table Saw
Measuring Tape
1 by 4 Lumber
2 by 4 Lumber
3/16-inch by 2 1/2 -inch Bolts with Wing Nut and Washers
2-inch Drywall or Wood Screws
3/16-inch Drill Bit
Straight Edge
Adjustable Clamp

Adding a table extension to your saw expands the work area available for your woodworking projects. This can be especially useful when working with large pieces of wood that are difficult to maneuver and need additional room. You can build a table saw extension yourself or purchase on as an add-on accessory for your table saw.

Step 1: Cut the Frame Pieces for the Extension

You will need to cut the frame pieces needed to build the table extension. First cut four 22-inch sections from the 1 by 4 lumber. They will be joined by four 22-inch 2 by 4 lumber pieces. Cut these pieces as well.

The four 23 ½-inch cross supports need to be cut from 1 by 4 lumber. The legs to support the extension will be cut by the 2 by 4s. Use the measuring tape to measure the distance from the floor to the table saw where the extension will be against. Use that measurement to cut the two legs for the 2 by 4 supports.

Step 2: Assemble the Table Saw Extension

Take 2 of the 23 ½-inch 1 by 4 supports and lay them on the ground. Place on both sides a 22-inch 1-by-4 frame piece and attach using the drywall or wood screws. Take two 22-inch 2-by-4 cross pieces and place on their edge equal distance from each. Fasten using the screws.

Center the 23-½ inch 1 by 4 cross pieces across your 2 X 4s, screwing them in with the screws. Place one 22-inch 2 by 4 support leg adjacent to the outside edge of the table saw extension. Drill a 3/16-inch hole and connect the leg to the extension with a 3/16-inch bolt and a washer and wing nut.

Where the extension will meet the table saw drill 3 holes that into the extension to match the 3 holes in the table saw, using the 3/16-inch drill bit. Repeat for both leg extensions.

Step 3: Complete the Extension

Place the leg extensions into place and tighter with the 3/16-inch bolts, wing nuts and washers. The straight edge should be placed in position and attached with the adjustable clamp to the 2-by-4 cross piece. This forms a fence that is used to rip larger wood pieces.