Adding a Wall Between a Ceiling Joist

Ceiling joists are required construction elements that are necessary in a home. The joist is the beam that connects walls and the ceiling to the floor. If they did not exist, there would be no way to maintain the structural integrity of the home.

The process of adding walls in a room is not usually difficult. It becomes complicated however when you are considering adding a wall between an existing ceiling joist.

Determine the Location of Wall to Joists

Use a pencil to mark the ceiling for where the top plate for the new wall will be located. Take a drill and drive a screw into the ceiling at both ends of the wall.

You will need to go into the attic space to find the screws that were driven into the ceiling. From either side of the wall measure the distance to the joists. You will need the distance to cut 2x4 studs of the same measurement.

Attach 2x4 Studs to Joists

Go back into the attic and attach the studs to the joists. Use the same spacing for the 2x4s as in standard wall studs – 16 inches. Set a block piece at the end of the wall.

The top plate should be attached to the block pieces at the end of the walls. From here the studs can be installed and you are ready to build a new wall. This process is necessary to provide support to the new wall and not disrupt the placement of the existing joists.