Adding an Archway to Your Home

Large Red Brick House With Spring Green Yard

Adding an archway to your home creates a new look and an interesting focal point. This type of project requires some planning and time but the results are something that adds value to your home. This construction can be accomplished by all skill levels and does require some construction skills to complete.

Remove the Existing Door or Entranceway

You will need to remove the door in the existing entranceway and demolish the frame. Take measurements of where you want the archway to go and remove the drywall to create an opening. If you are replacing a door, be sure that your measurements account for the new door that will be placed in the archway.

Create Forms for the Archway

You will need to create forms for the archway, using drywall. To bend the drywall, get it wet and carefully bend to shape. Attach the archway form to the frame in the opening and secure using drywall screws.

Complete Construction

With the drywall forms in place, tape and mud the seams. Sand the excess mud when it dries and apply primer and coat to restore the area to its previous finished state. You will have completed the creation of a new archway in the opening.