Adding Blackout Shades to a Nursery

Blackout shades are one of the primary solutions to block sunlight from a nursery, especially since babies tend to sleep a lot and since total darkness induces more restful sleep. Although the name ‘blackout shades’ may suggest dark colors, in reality, these shades come in a variety of colors, so much so that yellow blackout shades are nowadays available on the market. They also come in a variety of materials (plastic, vinyl or fiberglass) and prices vary depending on style, brand and material employed. There are generally two main styles: the traditional roll style and the curtain style.

Create a Serene Atmosphere Ideal For Napping

Adding blackout shades to your nursery brings with it a lot of practicality and advantages. The first thing to consider is the unpredictable sleeping habits of newborns. Employing blackout shades will allow you to create total darkness in your nursery any time you would like your child to sleep, and thanks to this the baby will find himself or herself in a more restful and calm sleeping zone without the trouble or distraction of sunlight.

Made From Easy-Clean Material

Although blackout shades give you the ability to create darkness whenever you want, which is what they are really meant for, these shades have a lot of pros to them, such as the material from which they are made: plastic, vinyl and fiberglass are among the easiest to clean materials available on the market. Everyone knows that children can be very messy and the above mentioned materials are the perfect examples of wipe-clean materials which will facilitate any cleaning needed.

Various Color Available

Thanks to today’s technological advancements, blackout shades have started coming out in a variety of colors such as blue or yellow. Therefore, it is important to realize that blackout shades don’t mean creating a dull interior. In fact, your shades can be coordinated with the rest of your room’s decor, adding to the bright variation of colors you might already have.

Two Variations

Using blackout shades will allow you to create an allotted ‘nap-time’ for your child by creating total darkness mainly through two methods: the blackout roller blinds, which are the most popular option since they are easy to clean, are simple and versatile, and the roman blackout blinds which are very similar to the normal roman blinds with an added blackout lining that will help achieve total darkness. These two variations will help you install your shades in line with the shades you have in the rest of the house.

Do Not Overuse

Although these shades have many advantages to them, they might actually create one small problem: the child’s adaptability to sleep might be jeopardized through the use of blackout shades. If blackout shades are continuously used for the baby to sleep, then he or she will never be able to adapt to sleep when there is light. Therefore try not to always employ the blackout shades whenever you need your child to sleep because they will get used to always having darkness when they need to sleep. However, in this respect blackout shades may actually teach the child that darkness and night-time are actually meant for sleeping.

Blackout shades have a lot more advantages than disadvantages. In fact, the list of disadvantages is virtually non-existent, so it is strongly advisable to invest in some good blackout shades for your baby’s nursery because it will help you solve a lot of problems with regards to sleeping habits.