Adding Color to Apartment Walls without Paint

Lead Image for Adding Color to Apartment Walls without Paint

Apartment living can be filled with unique decorating challenges that most homeowners do not face. The inability to change the walls' color with paint can be the most troublesome. Most apartments are painted in neutral tans or beiges that do little to inspire decorating greatness. However, adding color to apartment walls without paint can be done with some simple tips and tricks.


Tapestries, or hanging wall rugs, are a great way to add a variety of colors to apartment walls without paint. They are usually intricately woven and come in a lot of different patterns and designs. Tapestries can be found to match everything from Southwestern decor to an elegant French room. Hang the tapestry on a tapestry rod that was specifically designed to hold it.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Mirrors may not seem like an obvious choice to add color to an apartment wall, but they work well. They reflect the colors of the room and often come with a colorful or metal frame. Choose a mirror that is framed in complimentary colors to those that are featured in the room's decor. This will add immediate color to the walls and provide a focal point to an otherwise plain space. A grouped collection of mirrors also works well to brighten and lighten the room, while adding color to the walls. For a grouping, choose mirrors that coordinate well with one another either because of size, frame or shape. Arrange them artistically, leaving enough space between them for some of the background wall color to peek through.

Picture Frames

Nothing adds life and color to an apartment like pictures. Picture frames afford a great opportunity to add color to a wall without painting. With so many different colors and styles, picture frames provide versatility in coordinated color schemes. If a picture frame in the needed color cannot be found, it is simple to paint your own using a basic wooden frame found at most craft supply stores. Acrylic paint works the best and the frame can even be accented with glass tiles or beads for visual interest.


Break out the old record collection and hang the album covers on the wall for color. Old china dish collections, postcards or artist prints also work well as a hanging wall grouping to add color and create a focal point in the room. If the room has shelves on the wall, consider placing larger collections of glass vases, miniature houses or figurines on them. This works especially well in a child's room where a collection of favorite action figures or race cars can be proudly displayed. Be creative about displaying things that might otherwise not be seen.

Adding color to apartment walls without applying paint is easy to do, but it does require some outside the box thinking. To cut down costs, use things that are already in your collections or shop at thrift stores and yard sales. Try to look at pieces in a different way other than what their primary purpose entails and you are sure to find some eclectic ideas to brighten the apartment walls.