Adding French Bifold Doors In Your House

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French bifold doors use pivot pins for a movement that are present at the inside of their top and bottom edges. This is a typical feature found in most bifold doors along with a sliding track usually present atop the door’s jamb. Bifold doors are commonly used in household closets and are sometimes used as folding doors between closely located rooms. French bi-folds are hung by inserting the pins and then mounting the door track.

Installing bifold doors is not a demanding task but it does need some attention to detail. For starters, you have to be very careful when taking the measurements since French doors swing inside, towards the interior of the room. Proper space should be allocated for the door to open and close freely. Similarly, it is imperative to measure the width and height of the opening where the French bifold door has to be installed leaving some space to make adjustments later if you are not certain about the extent of movement associated with the door.

    Step 1: Use the pencil to mark which side of the door you want to open on the inside and which side should be used for placing the external knobs.

    Step 2: Fasten the hinges by screwing them onto the door. For screwing the hinges, make the marking by positioning the door on its edge and pencil two lines, one about 7 inches from the top, around the door’s mid-point, and the second about 11 inches from its bottom.

    Step 3: Connect the hinges to their respective hinge pin positions, pointing up towards the drawn lines. Fasten the pivot plates at the top and the bottom of the door. This has to be done by screwing them, using the drill.

    Step 4: Attach the locking arms. These are provided as a part of any commercially produced door kit. You should ensure that the locking arms open towards the rear.

    Step 5: Set up the bifold door’s tracks along with the door frame. Screw the top portion of the door track into its corresponding position in the door frame. However, do not secure the bottom piece at this time.

    Step 6: Now it's time to hang the door. Start with the pivot of the door. Just slide the pins into the pivot plates along the top end of the door.
    Secure the pivot plate by twisting on its locking configuration.

    Step 7: Now, it is time to secure the bottom end of the door tracks. Set them into position using the drill. Double-check to ensure that the doors open properly. Any adjustment, if needed, should be made to the track’s pivot socket and the floor bracket.

    Step 8: Once you are certain about the bifold door’s movement, install the doorknobs. Secure the knobs with a drill and the accompanying screws.