Adding Window Grids: Pros and Cons

Window grids or grilles are wood or PVC attachments that make plain windows look like divided lite windows. Divided lite windows, marked by a grid-like pattern are often coveted by homeowners for their decorative appeal and the unique look they lend to a window and overall home’s design. As all home improvement decisions, there are pros and cons to adding window grids to an existing window.


  • It’s fairly inexpensive. Kits are sold for as low as $15 per window.
  • You don’t need a lot of extra tools. All you need are scissors, a measuring tape and level.
  • It can be done to virtually any window.
  • Grids can lend a distinctive look to windows and doors.
  • Grids can help a door or window match a specific historical period or architectural look.


  • It’s not a true divided lite. For architectural and design purists, adhesive grids are considered inauthentic and cheap imitations.
  • Authentic or not, grids makes your windows and doors more difficult to clean.
  • After market grids may not stick long. Most use a glue product, nylon clips or double-stick tape.
  • It may be difficult to make your grids exactly straight.