Ademco Alarm

Offering Vista hardwired alarms in addition to LYNXR wireless setups, Ademco alarm systems are ideally suited for home or small property security. Ademco alarms each offer a variable number of zones, meaning they are equipped to monitor entry points to a structure. Since both wireless and hardwired systems are expandable, with added modules an Ademco alarm can effectively monitor up to 48 zones around a home or business. Vista hardwired alarm systems have a more complex installation in that cable must be placed throughout a house. Wireless systems are less involved, using radio frequencies instead to transmit signals.

Ademco Alarm Options

Vista 10P, 15P and 20P alarm systems feature varying levels of protection in terms of the total number of monitoring points. These systems start with 6 or 8 on-board zones. Use the doubling feature to increase this up to 15. With expansion modules, add as many as 40 zones to the system, either wireless or hardwired with the 20P model. Ademco LYNXR wireless alarms, by contrast, can monitor up to 24 zones with signals transmitted between components.

Ademco Control Panels

The brain of an Ademco alarm is its control panel. This component determines a system's expandability as well as many of its features. Vista control panels are capable of supporting up to 16 output units including relays, expansion modules and X10 devices. On Vista systems, the control panel is separate from the touchscreen keypad, through which system programming is accomplished. LYNX wireless control panels are all-in-one units, with the keypad, an internal siren, speakerphone, 2-way voice system and dialer built right in.


Check the viewable event log to track movement in and out of the property. Assign a different user code for every member of the household or business. In addition to the zone monitors, Vista hardwired alarms support multiple smoke detectors. Other features include remote touchtone phone control, a built-in phone line for quick notification and end-user numeric pager support. A complete Ademco alarm setup costs between $200 and $350 on average.