Ademco Burglar Alarm

Designed to alert you as well as the proper authorities in the event of a home intrusion, an Ademco burglar alarm provides peace of mind whether at night or if you are away from home for a time. Ademco alarms are available in wireless and hardwired models. LYNXR wireless units feature an easy installation, a multifunctional control panel and an array of convenient operational amenities. The same is true for Ademco's Vista hardwired alarm systems, although the installation is quite a bit more involved.

Alarm Characteristics

Ademco burglar alarms come with a minimum of 6, 8 or 24 included zones, points of entry that are monitored. From there, both wireless and hardwired systems are expandable with the proper modules to monitor anywhere from 22 to 48 total zones depending on the system. LYNXR and Vista systems are X10 compatible, feature a built-in 2-way voice system and offer a viewable event log to fully keep track of entry and exit of your home or other property.

Additional Features

LYNXR wireless control panels are a siren, speakerphone, keypad, dialer and voice system in one. Vista hardwired alarms are wireless expandable and ethernet compatible for uninterrupted communication between components. Vista alarms include numerous features, from multiple touchscreen keypad support to remote control from any touchtone phone.