Adhesive Foam Sheets

Ideal for children and all manners of crafting, adhesive foam sheets are variably-sized pieces of foam with an adhesive applied to one side. They come with a piece of backing paper that, once removed, reveals the adhesive. Adhesive foam sheets may be cut into virtually any shape, stacked or otherwise arranged. For children ages 3 and up, adhesive foam sheets make a great activity, for they can use them to make any manner of diorama, design, model, shadow box or poster. 

Packaging and Application

Adhesive foam sheets are typically sold in bundled packages with a multi-color selection. They come in the basic colors of red, blue, green, yellow, black and white. Most commonly they are 2 millimeters thick. Before removing the protective paper backing, adhesive foam sheets may be cut into animal shapes, smaller geometric patterns or anything a child can imagine. Once shaped, simply peel off the backing and firmly press the foam to the bonding surface, usually paper or some type of fiberboard. Adhesive foam sheets are great for school design projects as well.


Packages of adhesive foam sheets usually cost between $5 and $10 depending on where you make the purchase. 65-sheet packs are available as well as in lesser or greater quantities.