Adjust Your Hot Tub

Learning how to adjust your hot tub is an important part of getting the most out of everything that it has to offer. Adjusting the jets and the temperature will provide you with maximum comfort to meet you needs.

Adjusting Temperature
You can adjust the temperature of your hot tub to anything you like using the up and down arrows or digital temperature setting in your tub. Make sure that you are not exceeding a temperature of 104 degrees, and you should be setting the temperature 30 minutes before you actually plan to use the spa.

Adjusting Jets
Once you have entered the tub you can adjust the jets, turning them on when you are ready for them. The amount of bubbles in your spa will be altered based on how many jets you activate. There is typically a switch or a knob that allows for the jets to be activated and deactivated.

Adjusting Light
You can also usually adjust light settings depending on the model of your spa. You should use the lights in your spa for safety, because a lit area is always the safest, especially when children are enjoying the spa with you.