Adjustable Window Screen

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An adjustable window screen is used in wood, vinyl, or metal double-hung windows. Adjustable window screens are lightweight. Adjustable screen materials are made of either fiberglass or aluminum and keep out dirt, pollen, and insects while allowing fresh air inside.

How to use an adjustable window screen

Adjustable window screens are installed without the use of tools or fasteners. Place the adjustable window screen in the open window. Expand the sides of the adjustable window screen until they are the same width as the window. Once the adjustable window screen is fitted properly close the window to secure the screen.

Size of the adjustable window screen

Only the width of an adjustable window screen is changed. The heights of adjustable window screens are fixed sizes.

Some common sizes for adjustable window screens

Small–10” tall, 20” x 37” wide

Medium–15” tall, 20” x 37” wide

Large–18” tall, 20” x 37” wide

Extra large–20” tall, 25” x 48” wide