Adjusting a Cooktop Gas Pressure Regulator

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What You'll Need
What You'll Need

Whenever you’re using a gas cooktop device, you need to be careful. The last thing you want to do is start a gas fire out of carelessness. While the steps to adjusting a cooktop gas pressure regulator are fairly straight forward, you will want to follow safety tips on how to properly use burners and essential safety tips are also listed below. Therefore, please use the following steps whenever adjusting a cooktop gas pressure regulator, and keep this threefold approach to utilizing a gas cooktop in mind so that you do not cause a harmful accident to you, your family, or your friends.

Step 1 - Remove Burner

Before you do anything else, take off the burner gates and set them off to the side.

Step 2 - Pull up Stove Top Cover

modern kitchen with large gas range

Pull up the stovetop cover from the front. A majority of models lean upward, which allows easy access to burners and the adjustment regulator.

Step 3 - Find the Gas Regulator

Next, you’ll need to find the gas regulator. Locate the slotted screw for the following adjustment.

Step 4 - Adjust Using a Screwdriver

Take a screwdriver and turn the slotted screw 1/8 to the left, if the flame is not high enough. If it’s higher than desired, adjust the screw 1/8 to the right.

Step 5 - Check the Burner

Next, check the burner to make sure the flame is how you need it. If it is still not quite right, repeat step four until you’re satisfied.

Using Burners Correctly

pot of boiling water on a stove

If you’re still experiencing gas pressure problems, even after adjusting the gas pressure regulator, you may not be using the burners correctly. Please keep the following burner guidelines in mind, as well.

Don’t use a pot without a cover.

If a liquid begins to boil, turn the knob down to the minimum setting.

Try to only use pots with flat, thick bottoms, with woks as your only exception to this general rule.

Always dry the bottom of the pan before you put it on the cooktop.

Safety Concerns

When you’re adjusting a gas appliance keep these basic safety concerns in mind.

Be sure the appliance is in a place where it is not near combustible materials, gasoline, or any other flammable vapors or liquids.

Never keep dangerous or flammable material in cupboards above appliances. Instead, put such things in a safer place to help avoid hazards.

Never use an appliance, such as a gas cooktop, for space heating. Use an intended heating device for such a purpose, instead.

Never use aerosol sprays in the area of a gas cooktop while it’s being utilized.

Always keep children away from the cooktop when it’s being used.

The steps to adjusting a cooktop gas pressure regulator are fairly simple. But if you want to be sure your cooktop works the way you want it to, you need to understand how to use the burners, and also follow a few basic safety instructions. If you do so, you’ll be able to cook food safely and successfully.