Adjusting The Slides Of A Desk Drawer

Over time, your desk drawer may begin to sag or catch when you try to open it. It’s possible that you will be able to fix the problem by adjusting the slides on your drawer.

Can the Slides Be Adjusted?

First, examine at the drawer slides. If they are wooden, see if they have chipped, broken or worn down to the point that they are no longer functioning properly. If this is the case, you can replace wooden slides with plastic or metal desk drawer glides that will correct the problem.

If you already have plastic or metal glides, you should be able to adjust them if needed.

Identify the Problem

If you do have a difficulty with metal or plastic slides, remove the drawer completely from the slides.

The most common problem with drawer slides is a loose or missing screw that causes the slide to sag, bend or malfunction. Other problems may be a bent slide or a missing wheel in the slide.

Correct the Problem

If a desk drawer slide is missing a screw, replacing the screw should remedy the problem. In particleboard desks, you may need to replace the screw at a different place than it fell out.

You should be able to repair bent pieces by carefully molding them back into place. A desk's manufacturer can often replace missing wheels or other parts, and you can find common pieces at a hardware store.