Adjusting Your Retractable Awning

Adjusting your retractable awning is not as difficult as it may seem. Once you have your awning installed, you might need to make sure that the slope is the right angle and the extension is appropriate. Some awnings have mechanisms that allow you to adjust them with ease. Some have electronic motors that will allow you to adjust the awning automatically with the push of a button.

Others might require you to use a hand crank extended device. In this event just place the crank into the socket and begin to spin it until the awning is the right size. Sometimes people install the brackets and extend the awning only to find that the awning extends too low for people to be able to walk under it. In these cases it can be best to take the awning down and start over making sure that the angle is appropriate when you attach the brackets. Here are a few steps to consider when adjusting your retractable awning.

Step 1: Identify the Correct Adjustment

You don't want to make more work for yourself. If you have to adjust the awning, make sure that you are adjusting it the right amount the first time. Sometimes you make an adjustment too far and you have to re adjust it back. The fewer times you need to make adjustments the more time you will have to relax and enjoy it.

Step 2: Outdoor Cooking Concerns

Make sure that a grill is not under your awning. When you are not grilling, it is OK to extend the awning out over the grill. However, if you are going to start your cook out as the friends arrive, you want to make sure that you retract the awning enough so that the grill is completely out in the open. It would be a disaster to have the awning catch on fire while you have friends over for a cook out.

Step 3: Re-Adjustments

Always know that any adjustment is not final. You can always make adjustments at any time. Once you know how to adjust your model, it generally takes less than a minute to fully retract or extend your awning. Keep the tool in a convenient and handy place in case you need to move the awning to shade you from a moving sun.

Step 4: Relax and Enjoy Your Awning

The fully extended position should be good for most cases. Or if you want to have the sun on your patio, retract the entire awning. In either case, the awnings today are easy and simple to use. If you have read your owners manual, you should have all the information you need about your model.

In any case, once your awning is installed, you will be able to enjoy the outdoors season after season. You will be amazed at how much cooler your patio is and how much you and your friends enjoy your new yard. They will probably want you to help them with theirs if they don’t already have one.