Advantages & Disadvantages of a Cross Flow Radiator

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The cross flow radiator is a unit in your car that helps maintain the temperature it needs to be to work well. If can be placed into many types of vehicles and may change the way your car or truck works.


Once of the good things about the cross flow radiator is that the radiator cap is located in the area of the lowest pressure. This prevents the high pressure that is created from other parts of the engine from making coolant go at fast speeds through the radiator cap, keeping you engine and your radiator in better condition.

This process will help keep your car at the temperature it will need to run properly and will prevent you from having to do as much maintenance in the future.


The system isn’t perfect. At super-fast speeds, your engine will still force coolant through the radiator cap, causing wear and tear on your vehicle. To prevent this as much as possible, use a radiator cap with the highest pressure rating available to you. You should also check with the manufacturer to make sure you are not going overboard on how you are using your vehicle.

Though you may not have to pay for maintenance as often, the maintenance you will do will be more tricky and little more expensive than work done on a normal radiator.