Advantages And Disadvantages Of Cocoa Mulch

Cocoa Mulch is a by-product of the chocolate making industry. Since we only eat cocoa beans, the shells are turned into mulch. Like most types of mulch, cocoa mulch has its advatntages and disadvantages.


Many developers favor cocoa shells as a landscaping mulch on new sites. It's easy to work with, and it has a pleasant, chocolatey aroma, making it a good choice as an alternative ground cover.

This product also works well as a garden mulch. It's a great fertilizer and soil conditioner, and you can dig it into your soil to improve the overall texture. It helps the soil to hold water without stripping it of nitrogen, a common disadvantage of other mulch types.

Some gardeners perfer cocoa mulch because isn't heavy. You can easily distribute bags of it around your garden without over-exerting yourself.

Because cocoa mulch isn't muddy or clingy, it isn't messy to work with.


Cocoa mulch naturally contains a substance called Theobromine which, if consumed in sufficient quantities, can be fatal to pets.

Most cats and dogs won't normally eat cocoa mulch, but some are attracted to the smell. If you have a pet who can't resist, keep a watchful eye on it. The chocolate aroma will dissipate within a few weeks, removing the problem.