Advantages and Disadvantages of Trellis Fences

Trellis fences are a popular feature in many gardens. The fence is an architectural structure that is erected at various locations in the yard. It consists of latticework held together by a frame and posts. Wood, vinyl or metal are commonly used to construct the fence. It can be attached to a structure already in place or installed independently with the aid of cement. These fences provide a simple yet creative way to design your garden. Like other types of fences, the trellis style has its advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of Trellis Fences

A trellis fence makes a simple yet attractive addition to the garden. For some people, the open-weave style has higher aesthetic appeal than a solid panel fence. The ease of installation makes this fence a popular garden feature in many homes. Few tools are required to install the fence and no specialized tools are required. Trellis fences have high functionality and can be used for various exterior projects. When well installed, they can complement your garden beautifully. The fence is an excellent aid for the ardent gardener. It provides a strong support system for plants and flowers to climb upon. Many gardeners find the fence an ideal support system for roses or honeysuckle plants. If you have a weak vine that is unable to grow upright on its own, the fence provides the necessary support.

You may also use the fence to partition your garden into sections for different uses. This creates some visual diversity which enhances the setting. It creates a delightful scene which increases the aesthetic appeal of your garden. A trellis fence can be used as a privacy screen. The openings in the grid-like pattern allow you to see through the fence to the other side but also allow some privacy. The fence can help to hide imperfections in the yard. It comes in handy if you wish to conceal certain areas or items that you prefer not to be seen. The fence can help make a garbage area less of an eyesore. It also provides some shade and regulates noise and wind. This allows you to relax outdoors in comfort. Air and light easily filter through the fence which improves ventilation and ambiance. It is easy to clean the fence when dirty. Simply spray wash when dirty to restore the clean look of the fence.

Disadvantages of Trellis Fences

Trellis fences have a low impact resistance. Adverse weather conditions or some heavy impact can easily damage the fence. Dents to the latticework tend to weaken the entire structure. This detracts from the durability of the fence. Trellis type fences can also be high maintenance. The metal variety is susceptible to corrosion or rust. This spoils the appearance of the fence. It becomes necessary to apply special treatments periodically to prevent rust. Wooden types don’t hold up too well to prolonged exposure to moisture. Mold and mildew are common problems on wooden trellis fences. They also shrink or warp due to exposure to the elements. You need to stain or paint the fence periodically to maintain a good appearance.