Advantages of a Gable Dormer

roof with three pointed gables

A gable dormer is the triangle-shaped section of a wall that leads up to the roof and has the addition of a jutted out front part and window, making the whole thing look somewhat like a little house shape with a roof of its own. Here are some advantages of a gable dormer:

Home Beautification

A gable dormer on your home helps add to both the beauty and versatility of the house because it adds up to about a half-room of living space, increases the light that gets into the house, and makes for better ventilation.

Weather Resistant

Another advantage of a gable dormer is that the sloped shape helps prevent a buildup of rain or snow. This can help prevent wear and tear on your roof and prevent the weight of it from creating too much pressure.

Advantages over Building Codes

Putting on a dormer gable can also help give you some of the advantages of a building with more than one story even in areas where it’s not legal to build a home with two stories. It adds some space and juts out in some ways like a second story, but is only a portion of the first story. This is very valuable in areas such as historical districts where you aren’t allowed to build above a certain height.

Less Expensive to Build

A major advantage of a dormer gable is the cost. It is less expensive and thus it is popular and common. High demand helps the price stay low.