Advantages of a Natural Stone Retaining Wall

large stone retaining wall
  • 4-40 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 200-2,000

A natural stone retaining wall is a wall which is usually made from dry stone or slab bricks. Ordinarily they are supporting walls that prevent a raised area of soil from collapsing.

Raised flower beds and rockeries are maintained by a supportive retainer wall that keeps them neat and solid. Landscape gardens use retaining walls made from natural stone for many reasons.


stone retaining wall

Natural stone is environmentally friendly as well as aesthetically pleasing.

It adds less of a manufactured look to a garden, making it appear more as though nature planned it and not the local landscaper.

Natural stone is naturally beautiful and there are various types of natural stone that can be used in a retaining wall.

It can also be used as an outdoor seating area, if the wall is wide enough it can take top slabs to pose as stone seats.


loose rock retaining wall

Not only would you see natural stone retaining walls in gardens but you will see them in more natural and wild surroundings too.

They act as retaining barriers to prevent landslides where cuttings have been made into the sides of hills.

They are also used along coast lines to prevent land falls and to keep the coastline safe from high tides. This weakens the soil and the retaining walls protect the integrity of the land.