Advantages of a Wood Greenhouse Frame

If you are thinking of building a wood greenhouse frame for your greenhouse, there are several advantages to this choice of materials. You may also want to compare the advantages to using aluminum, plastic or steel. It will depend somewhat on the climate in which you live and how permanent you want the structure to be.

Heat Absorption

A wood greenhouse frame provides natural insulation for your greenhouse. The wood absorbs the rays of the sun during the day and holds in the heat at night. This natural heating system allows you to spend less on energy keeping your greenhouse warm during colder months.


A wood greenhouse frame is one of the most pleasing aesthetic choices for a greenhouse frame. It provides a natural, more traditional looking design and can also support the use of heavy glass windows.

A wood greenhouse frame is most ideal for hot, dry climates. The main advantages are that wood absorbs heat well and is a good insulator. Wood also provides a pleasing appearance for your greenhouse frame. Though you may need to treat the wood to prevent wood rot, chemical off-gassing from pre-treated wood can be toxic to the plants you’re growing inside the greenhouse.