Advantages of a Wood/Oil Furnace Combination

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Homeowners are increasingly opting for a wood oil furnace. This unique heating device incorporates two furnaces in one unit. Both wood and oil can be utilized for heating purposes unlike single fuel burners which rely on just one fuel source. Wood fuel burners allow you to use the fuels separately or concurrently. They offer homeowners much more than single fuel furnaces. Below are six advantages of the wood oil burner combination.

1. Reliability

Single fuel burners have a tendency to become overburdened. This is a likely outcome especially when furnace usage is high. Having two fuel burners in one unit boosts reliability. Both furnaces complement each other, which increases burner efficiency. With two fuel alternatives available, you can enjoy heating services from the furnace with reduced disruptions. Should you have difficulty in obtaining one fuel, it needn’t stop you from using your furnace. You can switch to the alternative available fuel which allows you to enjoy your furnace services uninterrupted. This gives a wood oil burner a much higher functionality than a single fuel furnace.

2. Energy Efficient

Wood oil burners are associated with less fuel wastage than single fuel burners. Less fuel wastage gives you savings on energy costs. An energy efficient furnace can give you significant savings over time. You can distribute your wood and oil utilization in such a way that over-dependency on either is eliminated. Boiler efficiency is also much higher for combination burners. The initial cost of a wood oil furnace may be high but the energy efficiency makes it a more cost-effective choice in the long run.

3. Economical

Using two types of fuel in a furnace helps you manage your energy costs better. You get to choose which fuel to use according to need. This is especially useful when prices increase for one fuel. You can switch to the lower priced fuel and save on energy costs. The minimal fuel wastage incidence of wood oil burners also gives you greater savings with time.

4. Convenience

Having two burners in one unit gives you more convenience in home heating. You can set the furnace to enable heating over a long period even while away from home. Two alternative sources of fuel allow you to stretch heating functions for longer. This adds to the overall comfort of the home.

5. Durable

When it comes to home heating, wood oil burners are amongst the most durable on the market. Combination furnaces have a low breakdown rate. This is partly because they don’t get over-burdened as quickly as single fuel burners. They also don’t require frequent maintenance. Using two different fuel sources in one furnace keeps the entire furnace mechanism from rapid deterioration.

6. Environmental Friendly

Wood oil burners slow down fuel consumption. You needn’t replenish fuel as often as a single fuel burner. Reduced energy depletion helps in sustainable resource management. Pollution is also less for wood oil burners. Smoke and other emissions from wood oil furnaces are much lower due to the shared energy facility. If green concerns factor in your choice of a furnace, the wood oil burner is ideal.