Advantages Of Aluminum Driveway Gates

dark colored aluminum driveway gate between white pillars

Aluminum driveway gates are gaining in popularity over iron or wooden gates due to their strength and durability as well as the many design style options on the market.


Aluminum driveway gates are much less expensive than wrought iron and can simulate the look of iron without the high price tag. If you want a very ornate, elaborate gate, the cost of wrought iron might be prohibitive, but in aluminum, the same design style may fall within your budget.

Appearance and Choices

For the open look of a wrought iron gate, aluminum fits the bill. It can be just as classic looking or as ornate as an iron fence. There are several color choices in aluminum fencing, as well as sizes and styles, such as swing or sliding gates. Aluminum works equally well for gates that open automatically and those that work manually.


Gates made of aluminum are lightweight, making them much easier to open than wrought iron. While this might be less of an issue with automatic gates, a time may come when you have to open those gates without the benefit of electricity. Aluminum also causes less wear and tear on the tracks and rollers of sliding gates and on the hinges of swinging gates. The automated opening system will last longer with aluminum because of the lighter-weight materials.


Aluminum does not rust, eliminating the maintenance necessary for the upkeep on wrought iron, which can involve cleaning, sanding away rust, treating with a rust inhibitor, priming with rust-roof primer, and finishing with rust-proof paint. Aluminum driveway gates are practically maintenance-free and typically come with an enamel coating that can stand up to the elements without chipping, cracking, or flaking.


Aluminum driveway gates are a long-lasting material that stands up well to corrosion and rust.

For the best choice in aluminum driveway gates, you do need to consider the different construction options. Some aluminum gates may be made of hollow aluminum tubing. While these can look as beautiful as wrought iron without the weight or the expense, they are less secure than iron or wood. Hollow tubing is too lightweight to offer secure protection. Choose strong, solid-cast aluminum of about a 1/2 to 3/4 inch in thickness or a gate with solid aluminum rods inside for more stability. These aluminum driveway gates weigh a little more but don't come close to iron's density or cost while offering comparable security.