Advantages of an Electronic Keyless Lock

In today’s modern world the electronic keyless lock is becoming very popular. With almost all new cars you buy nowadays, you get a keyless lock. This is completely different to how things used to be in regards to having to use a key to unlock your vehicle to gain access. Additionally you can also buy keyless locks for the home to enter. There are advantages to be found when choosing to use a keyless lock. One of these locks has wireless technology included within it that replaces a physical key. All of these sorts of locks work in similar ways. When you press a button on the fob then this sends that information to the computer to the lock in a door of a home or car to function correctly.

No Power Needed for Some Types

In the case of mechanical keyless locks where you enter a number on a pad by the front door then these will not need to have power to operate. However, for the keyless fob type you will need to have batteries of some power to use them. This means that in the case of the mechanical key pad if you want to gain entry to your house when there is a power shortage you still can. This also saves you having to replace batteries every so often.

Hands Free

Another advantage of a keyless lock is that you will no longer have to search around for keys in your bag and should be able to use the buttons easily enough even if you are carrying a load of shopping around with you. If you have children then you are sure to notice the big difference too in having just a fob to use rather than a set of keys.

Easy for People with Disabilities

If you have to wear glasses to see properly and have impaired vision then it can be hard at times to put the key in the lock and turn it to get into your home. This is especially relevant if it is dark and you cannot see much. With keyless locks that has all changed as it is now much easier to enter your home just by pressing a button. This in turn will trigger the mechanism on the door and open it for you. Additionally a huge benefit is the fact anyone who is in a wheelchair can access their property with no problems at all and do not have to reach up to the keyhole for example. As long as the fob is pointed in the general direction of the lock then you will be able to unlock the door.

Opening the Door from a Long Distance Away

Another benefit of using a keyless lock as opposed to a normal key is that you can open the door of your home or your vehicle from a long distance away. This is particularly good as it adds safety in badly lit areas. You do not have to get close to the door and then search around for your keys and try to find the lock.