Advantages of Brick Veneer Panels

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Brick Veneer Panels are the preferred choice for homeowners who want the durability and aesthetic features of a brick wall, at a minimal budget. However, before choosing brick veneer panels, their advantages should be fully understood.

Similarity to Natural Bricks & Lightweight

Brick veneers are amazingly similar to actual brick-lined walls. Veneer bricks are manufactured from clay and shale. This ensures that the texture and overall appearance of brick veneers is similar to that of regular bricks. The only notable difference is in the thickness. Veneer brick panels are just about 1-inch thick while most conventional bricks measure 3-to-4 inches in thickness. This lightweight feature of veneers makes them easy to handle during installation. This also reduces the need for the underlying surface to have considerable weight-bearing features. This ensures that brick veneer panels can be installed upon most residential walls.

Lower Cost

The most engaging feature of brick veneer panels is their affordability. Brick-veneer construction and installation costs are much less than actual brick walls. Further, the overall ease-of-maintenance and high durability of brick veneer panels ensure that they don’t bring high maintenance costs in the long run.

Better Insulation & Customization Options

Brick veneer panels are often graded and retailed based on their insulation capability. This means that homeowners can use different brick veneer panels in different parts of the house, to customize the degree of insulation. The insulation of brick veneer is superior to actual brick in terms of both, sound and heat insulation. Brick veneer can be used as siding and is retailed across a wide range of prices, textures, and shades.