Advantages of Ceramic Vessel Sinks

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Ceramic vessel sinks have many advantages. Vessel sinks have a distinctive style, where the bowl of the sink rises above the counter, instead of being set into the counter.

Advantages of Vessel Sinks

Vessel sinks make a statement in any bathroom by adding an elegant design feature to the room. They come in a variety of designs and shapes; finding a unique vessel sink that compliments your desired decor should be easy. Since the bowl of a vessel sink sits above the counter, replacing vessel sinks is an easier task to perform than replacing sink styles. Vessel sinks create slightly more counter space than other sinks of the same size, as they require less space than an inset sink basin.

Advantages of Ceramic

There are more advantages to choosing a ceramic vessel sink over vessel sinks made of other materials. Ceramic sinks are easy to clean, requiring no special products. Ceramic sinks also resist stains, discoloration, and rust when they are cleaned regularly. Ceramic sinks are affordable when compared to sinks made from other materials. The durability of ceramic sinks along with their ease of maintenance and low cost make them a great choice when selecting a material for your vessel sink.