Advantages of Door Lever Handles

A door lever handle.

Door lever handles are particularly helpful when you need to get through a door with your hands full. They do not require you to turn the knob to get the door to unlatch. You simply apply downward pressure and the door will unlatch quite easily. They even allow people with dirty hands to pass through without having to open the door with anything more than a push from their elbow. Here are some other advantages of door lever handles.

Easy Door Access

Using door lever handles allows you to open a door coming into your home from the garage with armloads of groceries or other items where you don't have to use a free hand to gain access to your home. With the lever type door, very little downward pressure is needed to open and unlatch the door. You can push it open with your shoulder to gain entrance. This saves time and effort of setting items down to open the door or needing assistance in getting the door open with your arms and hands full. This is a great option for older or disabled people that have issues opening doors in their home, as there is less movement in the knob to get the door open.

Preventing Door Knob Stains or Grime

You can install door lever handles to your shed or garden house to assist in making the door easier to open without having to use your hands, which could be covered in grime or dirt. This can help when moving supplies in and out of the outbuilding, or even while moving tools or gardening supplies. They can also be applied to bathroom doors to keep down the spread of germs and other viral contaminants that come from door handles being touched by unwashed hands.

Practical Uses for Workshops or Garages

Workshops and mechanic garages can use door lever handles between the shop and the office, so that they don't get oil or grease on the knobs as they pass from one area to another. This helps keep a clean handle for customers or visitors that come into the facility. Factories also can make use of this type of handle in the exits or entrances from working areas that involve chemicals to apply a greater range of safety to the workers.

Handicap Accessibility

These types of door lever handles can be installed into adjoining rooms of your home to allow easier access by those that are in a wheelchair or have other disabilities, such as arthritis, where a lack of hand strength can prevent opening a door. This can allow an individual that once needed added assistance to operate in their home to be able to do things more independently.