Advantages of Fiber Cement Siding

Fiber cement siding is a type of siding that you can put on the exterior of your house and completely change the existing look. This material is made by combining a mixture of sand, cement, and other fibers. This type of siding can provide you with a number of advantages for your home. Here are some of the benefits of fiber cement siding.


One of the best things about fiber cement siding is that it provides you with an attractive look on the outside of your home. This type of material can be made to look like many other types of sidings. For example, you could use fiber cement siding and make it look like materials such as wood or vinyl siding. This allows you to mimic the look of other materials without having to actually use them. Fiber cement siding can look newer longer than materials that it is designed to look like. This material is also widely available in many different colors and textures.

Fewer Issues

With wood siding and other materials, there are plenty of issues that you may have to deal with. For example, with wood, you have to worry about termites, mold, mildew, and fungus. If you use fiber cement siding, none of these things will ever be an issue. It can get wet without causing mold or mildew to grow on it. Termites do not have anything to eat, so they will leave it alone. This allows you to worry about other things and avoid additional costs along the way. 


Fiber cement siding is also one of the most durable materials available. You can put this type of siding on the side of your house and leave it there for many years without any issues. You will not have to worry about it getting dented or scratched as easily as you would with wood or vinyl siding. Fiber cement is much less susceptible to expansion and contraction during humidity and temperature changes. If you are interested in durability, this type of siding is one of the best on the market.


Certain types of siding could be considered dangerous because they are highly flammable. For example, with wood and vinyl siding, you have to worry about the risk that it could catch on fire. If you are barbecuing near the side of the house, it could easily catch on fire and burn the house down. If you use fiber cement siding, you will not have to worry about its flammability. It cannot catch on fire which will allow you to feel much safer when working with fire around the outside of the house.


The installation of this product is not as difficult as some of the other types of siding that you could install. With fiber cement, you can cut it with a saw and then use a nail gun to apply it to the side of the house. Before you install, you may also want to use foam insulation and put roofing felt over the outside. Then you can nail on the siding. Compared to installing brick or stucco, this is much easier. It is comparable to the process involved with wood or vinyl siding.