Advantages of Installing a Dimmable LED Bulb

A room with LED lighting.

The LED bulb is one of the recent developments that has transformed household lighting. Although the lighting technique has been around for years, it has only made its impact on residential lighting in recent years. The bulbs are also known as white bulbs because of the white lighting they traditionally give. However, they’re also manufactured to produce a wide range of colors. The bulbs have several advantages as outlined below.


The long operational life of LED bulbs clearly distinguishes them from ordinary bulbs. The dimmable bulbs can run up to 100,000 hours. The ordinary bulb can only do 5,000 hours. The composition of white bulbs is quite different from that of ordinary bulbs. The unique rugged structure creates a high resistance to vibrations and thermal shocks. This gives them a higher resistance to damage.

Energy Efficient

If you’re looking for ways to cut power consumption at home, LED is the way to go. LED dimmable lighting is extremely energy efficient, almost 80%. This represents the proportion of electrical energy that is transformed into light energy. Only about 20% of the electrical energy is lost as heat energy. White dimmable bulbs also have low energy consumption. For ordinary bulbs, the reverse holds true. Eighty percent of electrical energy is lost as heat energy. This puts efficiency at just about 20%.

Cost Effective

You can cut household lighting costs considerably with LED circuiting. The bulbs cost much more than the ordinary range on the initial purchase. However, in the long run, this amounts to significant savings. Especially since lighting is a basic electrical need in most homes.


Certain household sites can be difficult to access. Time and labor are entailed. You’re better off with the LED type bulb. Once installed, you can pretty much take a long break from the responsibility. Office buildings typically have hundreds of bulbs installed. This type of bulb helps keep maintenance costs down.

Kinder to Eyes

You enjoy a more uniform distribution of light with dimmable LED circuiting. It has less eye strain than ordinary lighting. The bulbs do not change their color tint unlike ordinary bulbs which turn yellow when dimmed. LED lighting is also a flicker-free type. You’re probably familiar with the irritating flicker typical of ordinary bulbs. This may cause eye strain. It also makes it difficult to undertake certain activities. Dimmable LED lighting is a more comfortable lighting system.

Enhanced Safety

Dimmable LED bulbs are cool to the touch. This minimizes the risk of burns often the case with ordinary bulbs which heat up a lot. Security lights, especially, require to be left on longer than other lights. The cost of lighting may discourage you from having lights on too long. With ordinary bulbs, this translates to higher energy costs. LED dimmed lighting allows you to have your security lights turned on for longer, even 24 hours. You need not be bothered by impending high power bills. This also enhances home security.