Advantages of Natural Bathroom Mats

Natural bathroom mats are very useful inside the bathroom because they maintain the dryness of the floor. These mats are not only decorative; they are also quite functional. Natural bathroom mats can be made from many different organic materials including bamboo, teak, hemp, and many more. Here are some of the best advantages that can be enjoyed from using them inside the bathroom.


Unlike rubber or traditional cloth, natural bathroom mats are very resilient. They are not very susceptible to rotting as well as water damage. Aside from that, mats made from natural materials do not break easily or tear apart because their material is made from strong materials that nature has fashioned. While rubber can break apart when constantly exposed to water or bent several times accidentally, natural materials are quite flexible and therefore long-lasting.

Natural Immunity to Molds and Bacteria

Plants create substances that allow them to become immune to bacteria, fungi, and mold attack. Since natural bathroom mats are made from natural materials taken from plant fibers with natural immunity to diseases, these mats have natural anti-bacterial and anti-mold properties as well. Molds, mildew and bacterial growth inside the bathroom is quite a nasty and annoying problem. Rubber and traditional clothing usually get infested with molds, fungi and bacteria that they can become quite nasty after some time. However, a bathroom with natural mats will less likely have such problems.


With the whole world going green, eco-friendliness is another factor that needs to be considered when purchasing products such as mats. Mats made from non-biodegradable materials can add to environmental deterioration because they cannot be disposed of easily afterwards. In addition, these may also contain toxic chemicals that may pollute the environment. Natural bathroom mats are quite safe because they do not contain any harmful chemicals. When they are to be disposed, they will eventually rot away without polluting the environment.

Decorative and Stylish

Mats made from bamboo, hemp fibers, teak, are quite stylish especially when the bathroom has a bit of a classy look. Bath mats can be a good way to decorate the bathroom because they come in different designs and colors. Some are also hand-woven, which makes them look a bit more exotic than regular mats and rubber mats. Natural bath mats are especially useful if the interior of the house or the bathroom is designed with Asian or Oriental architectural styles. Since Oriental designs often make good use of wooden materials for styling, natural bath mats come pretty handy.


Natural bathroom mats do not only offer comfort to the eyes but comfort to the touch as well, especially to the feet. This comfort can be compared to the rich and luxurious comfort one gets from the distinction that hardwood floors and furniture add to the home.

With the many advantages and distinctions that natural bath mats offer, it is not surprising that most homeowners make good use of them inside their bathrooms and in other areas of the home.