Advantages of Solar Window Screens

There are several advantages to using solar window screens. These screens are created with a mesh that designed to deflect the majority of the sun’s UV rays before they reach the glass of your windows.

Heat Reduction

Solar window screens keep heat outside the building, where it is released back to the outside air. These screens can block up to 90 percent of these rays, and reduce inside temperatures up to 60 degrees Fahrenheit. This can create a significant energy saving in achieving a comfortable interior climate.

Damage Prevention

UV rays are also responsible for damage created by sun fading. By blocking these rays, furniture and other valuables are protecting from these damaging effects. This allows items to maintain their look for a much longer time.

Glare Reduction

Glare from the sun is often a problem inside the house as well. Solar screens block the glare that appears on TV screens, mirrors and other things in the room.


Screens also add an extra privacy level during daylight hours. They increase the difficulty of viewing in through the windows, while still allowing viewing out the windows from the interior of the house.


The screens do not impede air flow from outside. In fact, they can help reduce the dust and insects which enter the home.

Winter Usage

During the colder winter months, solar screens help keep the heat inside the house. This can eliminate the need for interior plastic films, and the mess that they can create.

Solar window screens are an inexpensive means to achieve protection and savings to enhance your home.