Advantages of Stone Veneer Panels

One of the most recommended replacements for siding is stone veneer panels. Stone veneers are constituted of Portland cement, bits of stone, pigments, water repelling agents and some polymers. The biggest benefit of these panels is that they closely resemble real stone surfaces but are less expensive.

Greater Handling Ease

Stone veneer panels are much lighter than natural stone surfaces. They are usually re-enforced with lightweight aggregates. The aggregates increase durability without adding to the total weight of the veneer panels. Furthermore, this makes it easy to handle the panels, such as maneuvering them during installation or repairing.

Greater Installation Ease

The greatest installation advantage among stone veneers is that they can be installed on nearly any kind of surface. This includes drywall, concrete, wood and metal. Furthermore, they can be easily cut with basic tools like a masonry saw. The installation requires conventional woodworking tools and the use of some adhesives.

Greater Aesthetic Choices with Natural Stone-like Features

Stone veneers are available in textures that closely resemble natural stone surfaces. These panels are retailed across a wide range of textures, colors and shapes. They can also be purchases in specific designs or patterns when ordering bigger volumes. The latest range of veneer panels offer greater durability against external weather conditions, making them more similar to natural stone surfaces in terms of performance.